Charter and By-Laws of Keeper of Seasons Hall


Keeper of Seasons Hall is a Norse Pagan group dedicated to the practice and study of the pre-Christian religion of the Nordic-Teutonic peoples. The modern reconstruction of this religion is often termed as Ásatrú.

Membership Policy:

Keeper of Seasons Hall is open to all who are interested in Ásatrú, and guests are welcome at our major religious gatherings, known as Blóts, by advance invitation. Nominations for membership may be made by any current member; this member then becomes the potential member's Sponsor. Potential memberships are voted upon at the following meeting. If accepted, nominees become probational members for the span of one year and must be dismissed, confirmed as full members, or held as probational members for a specified time at the end of that one-year period. Sponsorship may be discontinued by the decision of the Sponsor upon such time as he/she no longer considers the actions of the person or persons being sponsored to be in keeping with the policies of the Hall, thus discontinuing the probational membership of the potential member(s). A potential member's probationary period may be shortened by a majority vote of the Hall. Dismissal of probational or regular members for conduct unbecoming will be addressed at meetings, with the final decision made by a majority vote of the Hall.

Meetings and Voting:

Keeper of Seasons Hall meets to hold the eight major Blóts of the Nordic-Teutonic tradition -- Disablót, Ostara, Valpurgis, Midsumarsblot, Freyfaxi, Haustblót, Vetrnćtr, and Yule. Other Blóts and observances may be added during the course of any given year. Along with the religious celebration, these holidays provide an opportunity for the gathered Hall to discuss business and affairs important to the Hall as a whole, and should be utilized thus. All current members have one equal vote, which may be proxied by advance notice. Quorum is the majority vote of all members and advance proxies present at Ţing. Ţing will be held at least once per year and is comprised of a Hall meeting in which votes are made and issues discussed concerning important Hall decisions. Probational members and non-members are not granted a vote in any Hall matter.

Officers and Elections:

At the time of this charter, Keeper of Seasons Hall has one office: Ritari. Other offices may be added at such time that the Hall deems them necessary. The duties of the Ritari presently consist of keeping current membership records, organizing members for meetings, conducting correspondence on behalf of the Hall, maintaining Hall documents and publications, and keeping current members advised of new information and business pertinent to the Hall's operation. Term of office for the Ritari is one year, at the end of which the Hall may reinstate the current Ritari, or opt to elect a new one.

Hall Statement:

Keeper of Seasons Hall meets for religious and social purposes only. We will not accept members who promote discrimination, intolerance, or hatred on the bases of age, color, ethnicity, gender, spoken language, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other divisive criteria. The reconstruction of the Nordic-Teutonic religion, here referred to as Ásatrú, is open to everyone, and welcomes all who have an honest, expressed desire to join. It should be stated, however, that we do not seek to create converts; rather, we seek to establish and maintain a group for those who have the desire to follow the Nordic-Teutonic religion.

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