I created Ásatrú Basics at a time when there was no central site dedicated to helping those who are "beginners" in Ásatrú. It was, and is, my intention to provide a concise yet informationally rich site that appeals to all of those new to Ásatrú. From the seeker having just found Ásatrú to the beginner, desirous of an inroad to deeper study, Ásatrú Basics will serve as a tool to enrich the understanding of this wonderful way of life.

It is my sincere hope that this site will especially serve to help the youh, as I am yet young enough to remember the trials I went through when I began my studies in Ásatrú, and I would gladly step forward to be the kind of heathen contact I needed and eventually found when I became serious about my religion.

I welcome all of you who read this to ask me any questions, to ask for materials to be posted on topics that are not covered, and to critique the site as it stands.

For the sincere seekers, I will always lend an ear and a hand when I can.

Revised -- September 16th, 2003

     Erich Campbell

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