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A Statement of Purpose


Erich's Definition of Ásatrú

A definition that is brief yet inclusive of many major aspects of the religion.

What does "Heathen" really mean?

-- For all of those wondering what this frequently used term means exactly.

Ingeborg's Unofficial Ásatrú FAQ

--This FAQ clears up many of the misconceptions about Ásatrú. It is an excellent primer for those completely new to the religion.
Historical Reconstruction --An excellent brief essay dealing with some very basic Ásatrú history and the methods by which modern practicioners reconstruct a religion.
The Nine Noble Virtues -- The list of virtues often referred to as the NNV, prevalent in the modern practice of Ásatrú.
A Heathen Reading List for Beginners -- Sometimes the hardest part of learning is finding out where to start one's studies. This booklist should alleviate some of that stress.

Blót Basics

-- This brief synopsis outlines a typical blót, explains some ettiquette, and succintly states the essentials in purpose and practice.

The Basics of Sumbel

-- This is a very concise explanation of the Sumbel; extremely helpful to one planning on attending a gathering.
Advice for Sincere Seekers -- An excellent guide for those looking to join an Ásatrú group.
Dedicating to a God or Goddess -- A thorough exploration of the meaning of dedication, and the many decisions and practices that surround it. For any wondering about the nature of "patrons," this is a definite help.
How I became a Heathen. . . --and why I am a Wodan's Man. An essay about a Heathen's coming to Ásatrú and his dedication to Wodan (Odin).
Useful Links -- A collection of some of the most useful Ásatrú links with short descriptions.

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