Dedicated to the sweet sound of theMountain Dulcimer, sure to delight those who know how to enjoy life.

I began playing the Mountain Dulcimer in December of 1998. I have been a self-taught player since then and have risen through the stages as well as I can, and having done so, I'm eager to help out those who are doing the same. This site will feature many things I found helpful, and some heathen-themed music as I get more and more proficient in writing my own tunes.

On-Site Resources

Winifred Hodge has set an excellent song about Odin's Will to The Three Ravens.Download my Tabledit version here.


For the great comprehensive guide to the Dulcimer on the web visit the Sweet Music Index.
The Mountain Dulcimer Vitual Classroom is an excellent dulcimer resource
Jerry Rockwell's Mountain Dulcimer Page is a great page from a great luthier.
The Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Tradition. This is a fantastic download for any folk musician.

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