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Welcome to my hall. This stead stands to house the works, thoughts, experiences, and images of a heathen, a poet, a man of Wodan, a student, teacher, an artist, a musician, and a seeker.
Contact me if you have any questions about what you see here, or find me interesting enough to talk to.

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I invite you to visit my Wodan's Shrine.
You can honor the One-eyed god here with a bit of contemplation, and, hopefully, with some of your own inspiration. There are offerings of word-work and artwork, and some personal insight into what I believe about my good friend among the Ases.

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I will never say that every poem I have ever written is good, but I've got my charms. Judge for yourself with this poetry and prose, be it about the sacred, the mundane, the great, or the absurd, it is all
Erich's Wordcraft."

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During the Summer of 1999, I was chosen by Iceland's Sigurđur Nordal Institute to attend their course in Icelandic. Follow the adventures of
An American Heathen in Iceland.

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A rendition of myself on the path during my Coming of Age rite at the 1997 Southwest Ţing -- I made it to the end of that path, and to the beginning of one much longer.
At my Coming of Age rite, I anxiously await the _Huge_ blot Horn held by Thor (Represented ably by Thorolf of Margvegr Kindred). Photo by Mike Mohilo

I play a very interesting American folk instrument called the Mountain Dulcimer. This instrument's sound, enjoyment, and potential for heathenry are all considerable. Though not all expressly heathen, the content here is useful to those who enjoy Life and enjoy the sweet music of the Dulcimer. Explore
The Heathen Dulcimer.

If you are new to Ásatrú , click here to learn some
Ásatrú Basics!

I am the Ritari of Albuquerque, New Mexico's independent
Ásatrú group, Keeper of Seasons Hall. If you'd like to check out our blót schedule, look into the Ritari's Calendar. You can also read reports on how the previous few blóts went.

Elder Fuţark Row
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