Gamut Complaints Begin
Convulsions, catharsis, and
Cancerous utterances of the
Bursting intellectual
Jiffy-Pop American scholar cult.

Chicken-fried steak and
deep coffee cups follow,
deep groans of excavated past and
deeper groans of
bleeding, shiny recollections in
glowing, horror Technicolor-- Fury,
and the sounds of friendship maintained.

Exchanging treasures of
hoarded time-jewels and
gilt pomposity
parade and mad regalia of absolute addiction--
Battle-gear and Armaments of human connection.

Icicle swords, sun-ray arrows,
Jim Beam mementos, and
tattered tapestries of youth's ravished targets,
candy-coated tidbits of progression

our redaction
of life's grating spill
falls willing from
smiling.broken mouths

Erich Campbell

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