Erich's Wordcraft The poetry included here is about everything from being a Wodan's man to the words scrawled in a bathroom stall. I use images from the world I know, from the cultural stew that I grew up in, and find no need to have all things I write on framed only by the means of Germanic conventions. I am a Heathen and a poet, but I am also a man born and raised in the middle of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Too often it is expected that I will be isolated in my views, my ancestry, and my beliefs, but I truly believe that Wodan's gift of of the greatest mead should stir one not only to a furious state of inspiration, but to a vision that burns through the blinders that are thrust upon us in the name of compartmentalizaion.

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

New Poetry

"in all my years"
"a break in the darkness"

First Release Poetry

Second Release Poetry

"Wodan's Man"
"Wanderer's Questions"
"The Wheel and the Well"
"Autumn Moon"
"Harvet's Perversion"
"Of Hearing"
"Linked Rings"
"Mass Transition"
"A Study in Need"
"Praying to Truth"
"At Present"
"Stalled Mentality"
"Land-Wights of the City"
"A Pastoral"
"Waxing Poetic"
"Plaintive Remant"
"Staving off Disaster"


A Short Winternights Rite
Midsummer's Blót
Fallfest Blót
Winternghts '99


How I became a Heathen and Why I am a Wodan's Man
Wodan and Patronage
Comitatus as Educational Model

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds
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