Charter and By-Laws

Official Motto:

"No nos significa nada"
(Everything else is insignificant to us")

Statement of Purpose:

The New Mexico Ásatrú Council (NMAC) is an apolitical Norse Pagan religious organization devoted to learning and practicing the ancient religion of the Teutonic-Nordic peoples. Its purpose is to promote Ásatrú in New Mexico, to keep its members aware of current issues and important events, and to act as a liaison between New Mexico Ásatrú and other kindreds, individuals and organizations outside New Mexico. The NMAC does not endorse any specific religious dogma, or require any member to follow a specific set of religious beliefs. We recognize that Ásatrú means "Faith in the Aesir and Vanir"; these are best known to most people as the Gods and Goddesses of the Old Norse legends, but once worshipped by many of the pre-Christian, Northern European peoples.

Membership and Policy:

The NMAC is open to anyone over 18 years of age, who is interested in the Ásastrú religion. Nomination for membership may be made by any member, who then becomes that individual's sponsor, and all new memberships are voted upon at the following meeting. If accepted, nominees become probational members for one year and must be confirmed as full members, held as pobational members for a specified time, or dismissed at the end of that time. Dismissal of probational or regular members may be addressed at meetings with final decisions by majority vote of the NMAC. Membership in the NMAC is for individuals only. It is not based on group affiliation. The NMAC is non-heirarchical and will not recognize status or rank conferred on any individual by any other group for the council's purposes. The NMAC has no authority over any individual, or any local kindred/group activities or events (except those events that the NMAC specifically organizes). The NMAC will only sponsor or assist events held at a location within a half-day's drive from New Mexico. All NMAC members between the ages of 18 and 21 are expected to comply with New Mexico statutes on alcohol use. This compliance is the responsibility of the individual, but the NMAC can investigate internally any non-compliance with New Mexico statutes.

Meetings and Voting:

The NMAC meets at Yule and allows for a meeting at Midsummers. As part of these holidays, members should gather to discuss business and affairs that are important to the Council. All current members have one equal vote, which may be proxied. Quorum is the majority vote of all members (or proxies) present at Thing.

Officers and Elections:

At the time of this charter, the NMAC has one office: Thingspeaker, or as commonly called, a Chairman. Other offices may be added at such a time as the Council deems necessary. At present, the duties of the Chairman are to keep current membership records, to organize and gather members for Council meetings, to conduct correspondence on behalf of the Council, to act as liaison between New Mexico Ásatrúar and individuals or organizations outside New Mexico, and to keep members advised of incoming information and business pertinent to the Council's operation. Term of office for the Thingspeaker is one year, at which time the members may either re-instate the current Thingspeaker or elect another. Elections must be held at Yule.

The NMAC meets for religious, educational, and social purposes only. We will not accept members who promote religious discrimination, intolerance, or hatred based on age, color, ethnicity, gender, language, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or other divisive criteria. The Ásatrú religion is open to everyone, and welcomes anyone who honestly expresses a desire to join.

All inquiries can be sent to our Thingspeaker, Bil Linzie.

New Mexico Ásatrú Council
Albuquerque, N.M

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