Winternights '98

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

        Today, November 4th, 1998, we celebrated Winternights with an excellent Blót led by our newest member, Grundair. Following his great knowledge of wondrous and sundry sites in the Sandias that were well suited to the holy work ahead of us, we all piled into his truck and headed out into the mountains. After a bout with extreme traffic congestion and a good deal of discussion Ásatrú news, happenings, theology, history, jokes, and miscellaneous issues, we came to our exit and Grundair drove on through the twisting road until we reached the entrance to the grounds where he would have us raise our hails. We walked in approximately a half-mile and came, after crossing through a public picnic ground and across a log fence, to a beautiful, unspoiled place near where an old bridge had once stood, and the stream ran clear. There were oaks and aspen and many noble, aged trees enfolding this stream-side site, a grade next to our site bore gnarled and ancient roots of the great trees up the hill. The clear air and the subtle chill of the higher altitude only lent more to the energy in the air. Grundair, being a brewer and a heathen with great generosity, brought some of his traditional mead to offer to the holy powers and to share with the attending members. Grundair spoke a rite of his own making and rightly hailed the Æsir, Vanir, alfar, disir, wights, and ancestors with well-worded lines. His Blót can be viewed here: Winternights, by Grundair Karlson. We made our hails, offered up the mead-Blót and so spoke into the layers once again our truth, and laid our deeds in the well. It was a good Blót, and truthfully executed. The completion of these Blót marks the first full year of practice by Keeper of Seasons Hall, and well have we seen the harvest of our deeds at Winternights. With two new members, and more to come, and with one full cycle of Blóts under our collective belts, we know well the returns for our works.

Anyone interested in attending our next Blot, or just meeting the group in Albuquerque, should feel free to contact me.

Erich Campbell

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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