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Keeper of Seasons Hall meets monthly to discuss issues relevant to the reconstruction and revival of our religion and the culture upon which we base our lifestyle. This can take the form of anything from discussions on literary and scholarly sources to examining current events in the light of our religion and values. Our monthly meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of each month and are open to the public, and we welcome interested parties to visit and ask questions. We will always answer and aid to the best of our abilities. Look for members to have the KoSH raven emblem somewhere on the table or on their person.

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We also use these meetings to plan and announce our religious gatherings, called Blóts. These are attended by invitation only. Should you desire to witness or participate in one of our Blóts, please attend the monthly meeting to meet with the membership.

Upcoming Blóts

We base our celebrations loosely on this calendar, taking seasonal change as the best indicator.
Other rituals are also done as desired. See our
online calendar for a more detailed schedule.

Midsummer 21 June
Winter Nights 31 October

21 December

The current date and time:

Previous Blót Reports

Winternights '97 Midsummers
Yule Fallfest
Disablót Winternights '98
Ostara Disting '99
Valpurgis Winternights '99

For further information contact:
Erich Campbell, Ritari

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