Yule in Albuquerque

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

        Yule was held on Sunday, December 21st in our usual setting near the Rio Grande. The tracery of snow-covered branches, the overcast sky, and the flowing of the swelled river all contributed to setting a powerful scene for our Yule blot. Upon reaching the site of our Blot, we noticed a large group of ravens congregating on a nearby sandbar. Needless to say, I felt blessed, especially as our Hall bears their likeness and their name as its mark, to see the ravens in attendance. The blot was well spoken and well led by Barhelm, and hailed well the great Gods, Goddesses and the ones who have gone before us. Sacrifice was made to the Gods and Goddesses and an offering was left for the wights of the land. We celebrated the year-tides and well recognized the Ases and Vanes in this time. Overall, the Blot was wonderful, and seemed well accepted. As a Wodansmadhr, I must admit that seeing the great host of ravens on the river made me feel like my friend among Ases heard well our hails.

Anyone interested in attending our next blot, or who would just like to meet our group, should feel free to contact me at any of the addresses presented in these pages.

Erich Campbell

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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