Useful Links

Ásatrú-U -- This is the sort of site I was wishing for when I created Ásatrú Basics. I wholeheartedly support the folks at the Reeves' Hall of Frigga's Web and what they have done with the first Installement of Ásatrú-U. I cannot stress enough that this is the site to see.
Irminsul Ćttir -- This site houses the most comprehensive listing of websites in the Ásatrú wired world. They do not filter the links for content, thus there may be sites that are disagreeable to some, but it still serves as a gateway to seeing where Asatru is as a whole and who the community is made of. Be sure to chekc the other features there, among htem opinion Polls and the Heathen events calendar. This site is well worth a long visit.
Frigga's Web -- This site features some very good essays by Winifred Hodge. All of you who thought that Ásatrú had nothing to offer for the female perspective, this site will surely change your thought. There is also a very well-maintained bookstore page, pages for a couple of the Halls in the web-- including the Reeves' Hall that is putting together a "Do-it-yourself Ritual Kit." This site has some great content.
The Viking Answer Lady -- Though it is not all germane to Ásatrú, any questions you may have about the Viking Age are probably already answered right here. It may seem like exaggeration, but this page is well-stocked with information.
Erich's Hall

-- Call it shameless self-promotion if you will, but a religion is lived, not just practiced, and I believe that it's important to see followers of a religion as individuals. This site attempts to offer a just such a view.

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