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Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

        We held the Disablot in our usual surroundings on the bank of the Rio Grande on Tiw's Day, February 3rd. We had planned on having a guest, but sadly, he did not join us in the day's blot. Sunna's golden shield shone brightly on us, and the calm, quiet walk through the trees to the site was a thing of wonder. As we are always wont to do, we walked through the winding riverside paths to look for a good setting. Any site in that land is a great one, but each time we enter to hold a blot, a new site, brimming with the greatness that is the life of the land and the river that runs through it, presents itself to us. Our last blots have been held directly on the bank of the river, ending with our libations poured to the river itself, but on this day, a clearing showed itself to us as the site of choice. Upon entering the clearing, I, who led this rite, saw a fallen tree that seemed to invite me, and, I must admit, looked as if could serve the purpose of holding temporarily a drinking horn if an extra hand was needed. We walked in to the clearing and prepared for the Blot. I sounded three blasts with the blot-horn and hallowed the space -- the rite was spoken well, recognized well, and so were all Goddesses, Dises, Norns, Matrons, and all great female wights unmentioned, hailed well. As I stood in that clearing between two trees, staring widely at the many great expressions of Yggdrasil surrounding us, and I felt that the Goddesses and Dises all heard the hail.

Anyone interested in attending our next Blot, or just meeting the group in Albuquerque, should feel free to contact me.

You can read the blot itself here --Disablót, by Erich Campbell.

Erich Campbell

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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