Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds


Donar, God of the Garđs, Guard this stead for Disablót.
Heimdall, sounder of the Horn, Hold us ever in your sight.

Purpose, Welcoming, and Hails

Gathered here are we in troth, to hail the Goddesses all --
To hail the dises, long-dead, and do honor with our gifts.
We welcome all great givers, holy workers of wonder.

Frigga --

Far seeing, Fensalir's ruler Frith-Bringer, spinning fair the strands!
Distaff's wielder The doom-web knows.
Household's Goddess, blessing well-- Bringing wholness in out homes.
We hail you, holy Ase-Queen!

Freyja --

Folkvang's holder we hail, her gifts a wonderous boon--
Brisingamen's wearer, willful in mighty works.
She holds well many skills in magic and in battle,
greatest skill in love play, Powerful Vanadis!

Nerthus--Torque-wearing Mother, your might we hail well!
Idunna--Apple-holding goddess, great is your youth-spring!
Sif -- Golden-haired goddess, might of the ripened grain!
Saga -- In Sokkvabekk speaking, sounding Wodan's counsel!
Sunna --Golden shield, shining ever over us!
Eir -- Best in Leech-craft, boon of the life-coffer!
Gefjon -- Maiden's Keeper, may you well be hailed!
Fulla -- We hail you bright goddess, Fullness of Earth's Bounty!
Sjofn -- Turning our thoughts to Love, great is that gift!
Lofn -- Gaining the grants for the love-bound folk!
Vara -- Goddess of binding oaths, vengeance on the breakers!
Vor -- All-knowing, great in her awareness!
Syn -- Truth's Safe-hold, denying the wrongly spoken case!
Hlin -- Protectress of Frigga's folk, refuge in life's fray!
Snotra -- Sure goddess wise, prudent in speech!
Gna -- Rider of the horse Hofvarpnir, swift and holy messenger!
Welcome all goddesses unmentioned!

Norns all three we hail, Urdhr, Verdandi, and Skuld --
We welcome the Norns, weaving ever the web.
Yggdrasil's keepers, might wyrd-crafters,
The layers placed there, laid down at the well-side,
every strand well-spun , standing wholly in it's right path.

We welcome the dises of all the gathered folk,
great mothers, marking well the luck of our lines!
We hail you in your holy rede, giving guidance to our families!

Honoring, Blessing, and Offering

Now, in this year's beginning, we hail for the blessings of the last --
We ask as well, for your blessings once more, that our new ventures may be as fruitful.
We hold high the drinking horn, and pour offering, heart-felt in the giving.
As the spring-might fares from the thawing earth, so fare our gifts to the goddesses and dises all!


Personal Hails and Libations


The first furrows are plowed, first seeds planted, first layers laid down for the year,
so too the first blót, for the goddesses held, to their holiness may we always be true!


written by Erich Campbell

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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