Midsummer's Blot

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

1.Warding and Gathering         
<Blot horn blasts thrice>

We hail you Heimdall, heaven-bright warder –
See us in safety, as sacrifice we hold,

Donar, Goat-driver, god of the Garths,
hallow this place, and hold it in might all-holy.

2. Explanation
Here we stand, and blot the strength of Freyr
and the gifts of all gods at midsummer.
Sunna in her stead lingers long,
and night shows herself in her shortest reign.
Nerthus waxes in her wondrous might
and the height of the happy season has come.
We celebrate, we sacrifice, knowing gift asks for gift,
knowing gods and goddesses have given much.

3. Call
We welcome all great gods and goddesses,
weal-workers and wights all-holy.

Freyr, Fro Ing, foremost we call you,
wielder of the stag's weapon.
Gerd have you won, and warmed her from frigid cold.
We hail your works, and ask yet
that you bless further this land with your bounty.

Wodan, wonder-father – Stirring the wod in us,
we welcome you!
Frigga, far seeing – ruler of Fen-hall,
we welcome you!
Donar, red-bearded thunderer—ranging on the eastern ways,
we welcome you!
Freyja, holder of Brisingamen – shield-wearer , seid-worker,
we welcome you!
Heimdall, horn's great owner – looking over from Himinbjorg,
we welcome you!
Tyr, at the height of thing-tide—showing truth and troth,
we welcome you!
Idunn, bright keeper of youth—your apples precious to all,
we welcome you!
Nerthus, wondrous torque-wearer—strong in the summer's might,
we welcome you!

We welcome all great gods and goddesses here unnamed, and hail them with our works.

So too we welcome weal-workers all,
Alfar, Disir, ancestors – all have here their place.

3. Hallowing
We load our blot-horns, and hallow them to the powers –
Gods and Goddesses all –great ones we have welcomed,
receive these gifts and know our gratitude.
4. Sharing
<All make hails and pour out offering>

The Sun-wheel in its shining might has reached highest stead,
to the river we cast the wheel of old, may it roll true in it's final journey.

<Wreath is cast>

We hail how the new wheel's might—may it shine on us in time to come.
Words are spoken, deeds are done,
gifts for gift was given—
With these words the rite is closed,
and rightly was it rowned.

Once more into the layers, into the well the words are cast.

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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