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Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds


Disablót, by Erich Campbell
A Short Winternights Rite, by Erich Campbell
Midsummer's Blót by Erich Campbell
Fallfest Blót by Erich Campbell
Winternights Rite by Grundair Karlsson
Thór's Blot by Grundair Karlsson
Winternghts '99 by Erich Campbell


Grundair Karlsson's page has excellent information
on Ásatrú and brewing. It's a great combination. --
Grundair's Hearth

Erich Campbell's site features a Wodan's Shrine,
essays, poetry and much more. --
Erich's Hall


Wodan and Patronage and
How I Became a Heathen, and Why
I am a Wodan's Man
, by Erich Campbell


The initial version of the Ásatrúbats font is now available!
This true-type font contains representations of many pertinent
archeological finds and symbols for heathens!
View a Sample or
Download Ásatrúbats now!


Erich's Wordcraft by Erich Campbell


An American Heathen in Iceland by Erich Campbell

Gotlandic Picture-Stone Border Featuring Interlaced Birds

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